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In order for us to provide you with a cost estimate, please complete and submit the form below. This process will make you aware of the factors that can contribute to the total cost of the Signify solution. Once you have supplied us with the required information, a Signify representative will contact you to discuss your requirements, provide you with a cost estimate and arrange a demonstration if required.
Step 1 - Choose the modules
The typical product suites and modules are shown below. You may however select any combination of modules.
Module Choose a module HRM Suite LMS Suite PM Suite
Employee Management (Foundation OR Enterprise) Typically Enterprise Typically Foundation Typically Foundation
Employee Self Service (HR Processes and Update own info)      
Workflow Engine (excluding processes)      
Employment Equity and Skills Development Reports (SA Only)      
Leave Module      
Performance Management (Basic or Advanced)      
Personal Development Plan      
Training Scheduling Module (Basic or Advanced)      
Recruitment & Selection      
Job Profiling Module      
FAIS Module (SA Only)      
SCORM player (also dependant on purchase of eLearning module)      
Step 2 - How many employees will be managed on the system and what is their relation to your organisation
Employees in my company People outside my company
Do you want to use the system to manage the employees in your organisation?

In this case, only provide us with the number of active employees in your organisation.
Do you render a service where people outside of your organisation may use the system once or on an ad-hoc basis?

Example: Colleges and training companies?

In this case, how many people will be managed on a month-to-month basis?
Please fill in the number of employees the system will be used for
Step 3 - Choose between a purchase and rental option
Purchase option Rental option
If you choose this option, you will pay a once-off purchase price that depends on the modules you selected. You will also be required to pay an Annual License Fee (ALF) from the second year.

This fee is paid in advance and provides you with the right to use the software for a period of one year.
If you prefer not to make the initial capital investment, or you want to use the solution for a limited time (minimum one year), the rental option will suite you best. You will pay the rental fees for as long as the system is used.

If you choose to switch to the purchase option, you will purchase the software at the full purchase list-price at the time.
Step 4 - Choose a hosting solution
Client own hosting Signify hosting solution (Cloud hosting)
You may choose to host your Signify products on your own infrastructure (intranet). It is your IT department's responsibility to implement the following decisions:
  • The use of SSL (https) – strongly recommended
  • Whether the solutions will be available external to the company's intranet (ie.on the internet)

All costs associated to infrastructure, SQL Server licensing and Windows Server licensing remains your responsibility.
For clients who prefer not to be involved with the technical aspects of hosting, Signify offers a cloud solution at an affordable cost. It remains the client's responsibility to:
  • Ensure that users have access to the internet
  • Register a domain if required
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Please familiarise yourself with Step 5 and Step 6 below which contains variable cost items. An estimate for these items can only be provided after a discussion with you.
Step 5 - Training Costs
Signify provides specialised training on our modules and these workshops range from 4 hours to 6 hours. A typical training session will cost R800 per person per day for a minimum of 8 attendees. In this case the training will be done at the client's premises.
Click here to download the Signify Modules Training and Workshop Guidelines
Step 6 - Variable cost items
The following items will also influence the total cost but may not be possible to estimate accurately.
Item Cost / Time Estimation
Project Kick-off meeting (2 consultants for 1/2 day) 1 day.
Regular Project Meetings
Additional meetings will be charged for on a times and material basis
Depending on the number of modules and client requirement regarding project meeting frequencies.
If client own hosting option was selected:
Installation of Software on client infrastructure and incorporation of client corporate identity (CI) colour scheme. This will be done remotely from Centurion. The client should ensure that Signify has Remote Desktop access to the server(s). It also includes the customisation of the client look and feel.
3 – 5 days.
If Signify hosting option was selected:
Installation of Software on Signify infrastructure and incorporation of client corporate identity (CI) colour scheme:
2 days.
System Configuration Workshops.
These optional workshops can be used to assist the client during the implementation phase.
These sessions will be charged for at standard consultation rates and will depend on the complexity of the client's requirements.
Data take-on.
Some historic information such as training history per employee can be imported.
This will be charged for at standard consultation rates and will depend on the number of datasets that will be imported.
Business Process Mapping.
The implementation of a new system may be a good opportunity to formalise or improve business processes.Our experienced business analysts can assist you with this and ensure alignment with the system.
Client Specific workflow processes.
Our workflow module allows for the creation of client-specific workflow processes such as the re-imbursement of expenses application process.
Depends on the number and complexity of the required workflow processes. The workshop will be charged for at normal consultation rates. A development and implementation quote will be provided after the conclusion of the workshop.
Client Specific reports.
(Additional to system standard reports).
Depends on client additional reporting requirements.
Integration to third party systems.
A typical integration consists of a one way data synchronisation process from the source system (usually HR or Payroll).
2 days or more, depending on the external system(s).
Provision for Travel and Accommodation Travel and accommodation will be charged for additionally.
Project Management (not including project meetings listed above) Can range between 5 and 20% of implementation cost and will depend on the modules being implemented.