• A user-friendly portal with number of quick links that can be turned on or off per implementation, give employees access to relevant end-user functionality.

    These links include:

    • Learning Quick Launch
    • eLearning Programs
    • Book a course
    • My Details
    • My Employees
    • My Training History
    • My PDP
    • Performance Management
    • Upcoming Birthdays
    • Reports
    • My Self Service
  • Administrators also have quick access links to:
    • System Administration
    • Manage Attendance
    • Manage Employees
  • The order and text on the above labels can be set per schema (within certain parameters)
  • The menu item that is configured to be the first one in the list above will determine which page will serve as the landing page - this is the first page that the user will see when logging into the system.
  • Each employee can upload a photo to personalise the portal. This feature can be switched off per implementation. If employee pictures are available in a centralized location, these pictures can be referenced from the specified location.