General Overview



  1. The System is "Themed" to have client-specific colour scheme. Although the colour scheme and company logo can be incorporated, the system layout will remain standard and can only be customised where indicated
  2. The System is completely web-based and runs on standard Microsoft Technology (MVC, C# ASP.NET and MS SQL Server)
  3. The system can manage an organisation with multiple legal entities (or companies) having different business rules, by using Schemas
  4. Each Schema represents an entity with its own set of business rules, lookup lists and email configurations
  5. Some lists and features are shared across all schemas and cannot be controlled per schema – such as the centralised qualification list
  6. Employee records (employee information) can be synchronised with company HR or payroll system (such as SAP, Oracle, etc.)
  7. Employee information (or other employee related information) can be made available to external systems via database level views
  8. Active Directory (AD) integration allows for single sign-on and AD authentication. An AD integration guide is available on request
  9. A centralised Notification Module is used to send email and SMS notifications to specified recipients and is interfaced to each of the modules within Signify HR. This module allows for the creation of email templates with pre-define recipients. The bodies of the emails can by branded according to your organisation's requirements.
  10. Our system is used by clients with 50 employees to clients exceeding 40,000 employees.