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Here are examples of our work…


When your business’ reputation depends on your employees understanding and applying legislative requirements to their job, only the best training solution will do. When tasked to train insurance administrator staff on the practical application of PoPIA requirements which were translated across 11 company-specific policy documents, we knew that only a good game could achieve our elearning objective!

“The Vault” game builds policy knowledge while assessing practical application of the Act. Game success is calculated based on three different outcomes, challenging the learner to grapple with decisions, trade-ups and trade-offs.

Statistics demonstrate that employee behaviour is the biggest contributor to organisational cyber attacks. Telling them simply isn’t enough. The Pollen Cyber Risk Game is one with a twist. Using ‘shock-factor’ design elements, the game turns the tables on the hacker, making the learner the HERO ingredient in a recipe to “Hack the Hacker”.

Data governance (DG) is the process of managing the availability, usability, integrity and security of the data in enterprise systems, based on internal data standards and policies that also control data usage. What better way to teach employees than by immersing them in a secret spy academy where they learn everything about your data governance policy?


Redesigning this qualification for working professionals who study part-time was a blast! Students played a 1-hour game to get familiar with the subject. Subjects were covered through scenario-based learning, videos and downloadable tools checklists. Breaking from the traditional paper-based examination, the summative assessment comprised a simulation of the end-to-end property valuation process.

Investment breakeven was achieved in year 1!

The Sales Simulation is a digital solution designed in response to the need for a scalable solution, accessible to global sales teams. The design methodology incorporates similar dynamics, time constraints and cognitive pressures as historical face-to-face workshops led by a panel of experts with the aim to prepare participants to apply the in-house sales methodology during discovery interviews with prospective clients. Signify partnered with an Industrial Psychologist to construct a case study comprising a fully-fledged fictional organisation complete with subsidiaries, boards of directors, EXCO teams, strategic sales plans and highly complex growth and expansion challenges and needs.

During the simulation, participants interview members of an EXCO team to gather information to enable them to craft an affective solution to a client need or challenge. Simulation activities link to a pre-defined competency framework and the decisions that participants make during the simulation populate a competency profile and development plan that is unique to each participant.

Interactive eLearning

To address a critical skills priority for the business, the theoretical part of this accredited training is designed for online training. By helping Minopex to increase the scale and reach of safety training, the critical skills target was achieved quicker at less cost.

Compliance training ensures employees understand all the relevant laws, regulations, and internal policies that they must adhere to at work. Whilst it is a serious matter, no one ever said that learning about it should not be fun. In this series, we used many game-type interactions like playing “target shooting” or viewing a pack of cards to not only cover safety concepts but also understand the learners understanding thereof.

Change is constant and necessary to run a safe, efficient operation. Managing change effectively requires a clearly defined process. This process involves all relevant stakeholders, a robust problem analysis and thoughtful solution management. This training covers the management of change process, including tools and strategies required to effectively apply the process.

Continuous professional development is an extremely relevant topic for both organizations as well as individuals. This 2-part series focused on the value and nature of career development and concluded with employees formulating their own, unique personalized purposedriven career development plan. Relevant and practical – what more do you want?

Sometimes… we leave the best for last!

In this series, learners completed an assessment about their work-from-home policy. Their final score determined how many coins they would have to design their own, virtual, work-from-home office. Their end result was shared with colleagues which sparked many conversations amongst team members about what the work-from-home policy is all about.

Scenario-based learning

At the heart of a successful business lies a living culture, underpinned by the core beliefs of the organisation. Storytelling and scenario-based learning helps employees to practice behaviours driven by a well-defined belief system. A modular design creates flexibility to deliver the content in short, impactful chunks. The modular design supports future targeted behavioural coaching.

John Maxwell said, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

We developed a learning journey based on the need for employees to discover and use their unique leadership skills at work. Participants learned about leadership, specifically their own personal leadership style and devised their own personal leadership plan to mastery. We have a feeling that your organization and employees may benefit from similar training, don’t you think?

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This series consisted of games, videos, drag-and-drop interactions, many scenariobased learning interaction and knowledge checks - to only name a few. And the best part, the programme won the South Africa Board for People Practices (SABPP) 2021 Award for digital learning awards for strategic alignment and learning practice for an organization.

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