Dashboard Module



  1. A graphical representation of the data in your organisation provide you with a quick and clear overview of pre-defined aspects of your organisation
  2. The Dashboards module is pre-configured with a set of categories and graphs.
  3. Different graph types are available:
    • Bar graphs
    • Line graphs
    • Pie charts
    • Doughnut charts
    • Stacked bars
    • Scatter graphs
  4. Although the Dashboards module is pre-configured with certain graphs, the module allows for the quick configuration of additional graphs
  5. Show multiple graphs on a single summary page
  6. View the detail / bigger version of a summary graph by clicking on the specific graph
  7. Each graph can be:
    • Drilled down
    • Filtered
    • Export source data
  8. Customise the size and theme of each summary and detail graph
  9. Interface is Tablet-friendly
  10. Can interface to external data source