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Every industry has unique needs, but there are universal challenges that our highly adaptable system can address. Discover how organisations like yours have leveraged our versatile platform for success:


Our client, a prominent medical aid and insurance provider in South Africa, is renowned for its innovation in the insurance and healthcare industry. Recognizing the critical importance of well-trained employees and agents in comprehending their products and services, our client sought to enhance its training and learning approach.

In 2012, our client engaged with Signify to address specific challenges in managing a blended learning environment. While classroom-based training remained vital, it required more effective execution and integration into workflow processes. Additionally, our client aimed to expand its eLearning courses and electronic assessments.

Although the option to use an international Learning Management System (LMS) was available, it posed limitations in tracking and reporting training data within a South African context. Customizing the platform to meet their specific needs was also impractical.

In early 2013, Signify initiated the implementation of its LMS for our client. This comprehensive solution included:

  • Establishing seamless integration between our client's Employee HR system and Signify for real-time employee data.
  • Importing historical training data.
  • Providing training to administrative staff at our client's head office.
  • Offering post-implementation support to ensure a smooth transition.

Our client harnesses the Signify Learning Management System to effectively manage a blended learning environment, essential for continually training employees on new products and updates. Compliance with industry requirements for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is also seamlessly achieved. With over 11,000 employees and agents under their division, Signify's system streamlines their learning strategy and compliance with legislative qualifications and programs. The benefits include:

  • Reduced data entry errors, thanks to automated tracking and data creation.
  • Timely reminders and efficient management of classroom-based workshops.
  • Facilitating certification for employees on commission-based structures, aligning with legislative demands.

During an average year, our client's partnership with Signify results in:

  • 1,200 classroom-based events scheduled.
  • 1,100 eLearning pathways, including Programs, Unit Standards, and Courses.
  • Over 210,000 logins.
  • Creation of approximately 430,000 new training records.

Our client's collaboration with Signify has transformed its learning landscape, ensuring employees and agents stay well-trained and compliant in a dynamic industry.


Our client, a distinguished mining company headquartered in South Africa, holds diverse interests in mines, encompassing platinum and platinum group metals (PGMs), iron, coal, copper, and gold. With joint ventures managing mines in the Northern Cape, they operate in a sector with unique learning management challenges.

Inherent to the mining industry are specific learning management challenges:

  • Varied computer literacy levels among employees.
  • Periodic need for rapid training of large employee groups before accessing work areas.
  • Compliance with legislative guidelines, necessitating induction, refresher, and safety training scheduling.
  • Mandatory licenses for machinery operators, with delays causing operational inefficiencies.
  • Overwhelming paperwork to track training, with non-compliance risks leading to mine shutdowns and potential legal liability for management.

While leveraging technology for training and upskilling, our client faced the complexity of managing a blended learning approach with different specialist systems housing training results. Some aging systems couldn't adapt to evolving learning trends. Pre-2014, options to consolidate systems and establish a single source of training data were explored, including their ERP system's Learning Management Modules. After careful evaluation, Signify's solution proved the most suitable, aligning with their needs and South African training nuances. Signify's flexibility, driven by its proprietary system, enabled tailored adaptations, overcoming constraints faced by other systems.

The journey began with the implementation of the Signify LMS in early 2015, marked by the following milestones:

  • Development of job training matrices.
  • Configuration of required Qualifications, Programmes, and Unit Standards.
  • License requirement configuration.
  • Importation of historical training data.
  • Establishment of integration between their Payroll system and Signify for real-time employee data.
  • Training provision to site staff across three distinct sites.
  • Creation of customized reports.

Our client harnesses the Signify Learning Management System to effectively manage a diverse learning environment for approximately 5,000 full-time employees and 6,000 contingent workers. Varied computer literacy and access levels necessitate a range of training interventions, including eLearning, classroom workshops, online assessments, bulk assessments via integrated "Clicker" devices, equipment simulations, and workplace observations. Benefits encompass:

  • Reduced data entry errors through automated tracking and data creation.
  • Lower printing costs as information is electronically available.
  • Accelerated license approval turnaround times.
  • Advanced warning of expiring training records.
  • Timely reminders and efficient management of classroom-based workshops.
  • Integration with access control systems to ensure compliance before accessing hazardous work areas.
  • Electronic workplace observations conducted in the field, with electronic signing on devices.

Our client's partnership with Signify has revolutionized their learning management, ensuring compliance and efficiency in a dynamic mining environment.


Our client, a South African government institution responsible for certain aspects of road transport, faced the distinctive challenge of enhancing performance management within their unique operating landscape.

Government departments, by nature, place a significant emphasis on performance management. Our client was no exception, seeking a solution tailored to their specific requirements. Their challenges demanded a system that could adapt to their unique needs.

The quest began for an automated system to replace their manual performance management processes. Signify’s solution offered the ideal fit, aligning perfectly with their needs and within an acceptable budget.

In 2018, the implementation of the Signify Performance Management system commenced. The system swiftly became operational, enabling employees and managers to initiate and approve agreements efficiently. The comprehensive project included administrative staff training, the creation of manager and employee quick guides, and guidance on best practice principles. Integration with their payroll system ensured up-to-date employee records. Our consultants provided invaluable post-implementation support.

Since adopting the Signify Performance Management system, our client gained precise insights into the status of each process phase. Instant access to performance scores statistics became a reality, eliminating the need for manual documentation circulation. Management now effortlessly generates performance score distribution reports, facilitating comparisons between different business units and departments. This success prompted further exploration, leading to the implementation of additional modules, marking a journey of continuous improvement and growth.