Signify FAQ

  1. Who owns the Signify products?
    • Signify Software (Pty) Ltd owns the intellectual property of the products. All development is also done by us.
  2. Can I purchase individual modules?
    • Yes. You can purchase only the modules as and when you require them. However, certain modules depend on each other and will have to be purchased together.
  3. Can you integrate with 3rd party software?
    • Yes we can. We usually integrate with the client's current Payroll system to obtain basic employee information. Integration to other systems is also possible and the interface will depend on the type of data that is required, synchronisation frequency, etc. This is usually discussed during the scoping workshop sessions.
  4. Can Signify develop client specific requirements and customisations?
    • Yes we can, if it falls within the broader scope of our product range and if the structure of the applicable module(s) allows for such changes. Requests received from clients are evaluated based on a number of factors such as size of development, impact on the system, timelines, etc. Requests that take priority are client specific workflow processes. Customised development is handled on a project basis and quoted for separately. All requests from clients are also evaluated in terms of the general enhancement of our products. Some requests are added to our normal development pipeline and can become available as a standard feature in a future version.
  5. Does Signify develop client specific reports?
    • Yes we do. A number of standard reports are available in our products, but client specific reports are certainly considered as a priority.
  6. How does Signify handle support?
    • First line support is usually handled by trained employees at the client. If Signify is required to assist with support then a support and maintenance agreement is signed specifying the level of support, rates, response times and available support hours. Requests can then be sent to our support email address. Requests are investigated and responded to by dedicated Signify support personnel. In order to provide efficient support Signify requires remote access to the client's system (on the network), usually via a VPN connection. Requests from clients that do not have a support agreement will also be attended to, but are not subject to a specific response time. Such requests are charged for on a usage bases. For more information, please contact us.
  7. Please describe your licensing / pricing model?
    • Pricing is based on the modules you choose, combined with the number of active employees in your organisation. For Learning Providers / Institutions that provide learning services to external people, we have a “Pay as you use” option available.
  8. What is the purpose of the Annual License Fee (ALF)?
    • The Annual License Fee guarantees that you will receive free software updates (minor enhancements, bug-fixes) of your current licensed version of the software - for the licensed modules. You will however be requested to pay for the time it takes a consultant to perform the updates.
  9. Please describe your maintenance model?
    • You get future version of our software free of charge. You only pay for actual time spent to do the upgrade (which usually takes only a few hours and can be done in support agreement hours if available). New versions include new features and system enhancements on purchased modules, bug fixes, etc.
  10. Is Signify Software available as a cloud solution (SaaS)?
    • Yes it is. Please contact us for more information.
  11. Is the software Web based?
    • Yes it is. All functionality is available on a Web browser. We currently support the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome
  12. Is Signify Learning Management System (LMS) SCORM compliant?
    • Yes it is. It is SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 compliant.
  13. Does the Signify Learning Management System (LMS) have its own online assessment creation tool?
    • Yes it does. Although we provide full integration for Perception Questionmark, Signify LMS also has an Assessment Builder module which allows you to create, deploy and track online assessments. Features include:
      • Different question types (Multiple choice, Single Select, Match column A with column B, Fill in the blanks)
      • Insert multimedia such as images, MP4 videos, Flash animations
      • Insert links to documents (PDF, PPT, Doc, etc)
      • Random selection from pools of questions
      • Randomise question and answer order
  14. Will Signify Learning Management System support the Experience API (Tin Can API)?
    • Yes we will. Signify is committed to supporting the latest standards. We stay up-to-date with changes to XAPI specification and progress. Signify will start implementation when XAPI becomes a standard.
  15. What hosting options are available?
    • Signify offers different hosting options to meet the requirements of our clients. These options are explained below:
Option On-Premise Hosted
Servers The acquiring, licensing and maintenance of the servers are the client's responsibility The system is hosted on a Signify server. Although the database will be on the same server as other client databases, the database is NOT shared with other clients. The maintenance of the server(s) is Signify's responsibility
SQL Server License Client's responsibility Signify's responsibility
Windows Server Software License Client's responsibility Signify's responsibility
Signify LMS Software installation Signify's responsibility.
RDP (Remote Desktop) access to the server(s) is required.
Signify's responsibility
Redundancy Client's responsibility The level of redundancy will depend on the client's requirements and cost sensitivity.The default implementation does not make provision for 100% mirroring and load balancing. In the case of a disaster, a backup server will be brought online and the latest backups will be restored on this server. At an additional cost, the client's solution can be hosted on a separate server (not shared with other clients).
Backups Client's responsibility Signify makes daily backups to another server on the same premises. Off-site backups can also be provided but will be quoted for separately.